Utilize E-learning Platforms to Enhance the Effectiveness of Online Teaching in Chinese Subjecs: The Practice of Online Teaching (RainbowOne & Zoom)


In this teaching pedagogy video, the teacher talks about the practice of e-learning in Chinese subject, and how she makes good use of the e-learning platforms RainbowOne and Zoom for flipped classrooms to improve the effectiveness of online teaching in Chinese subject. The e-learning platform helps teachers design and arrange coherent and diversified tasks. When students use the platform at home, parents can also participate in the lessons. Teachers also use learning cards to arouse students’ motivation and enhance their in-class participation. This method allows every student an opportunity to express their opinions and to speak, and it also strengthens the real-time interaction between teachers and students in online lessons.

Video Information
Category | Online Teaching Pedagogy and Skill Language | Cantonese
Level | Subject | Chinese Language

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