Motivating Students in the Language Classroom Through e-Learning

Ms Chow Wing Yee Cherry

This video provides practical strategies for teachers to motivate students in the language classroom. The speaker emphasizes the importance of motivation in language learning and explains that different students may be motivated by different factors. The video discusses several strategies for motivating students, such as creating a positive and supportive learning environment, using authentic materials and real-life situations, and providing opportunities for personalization and creativity. The speaker also highlights the importance of using technology to enhance student motivation and engagement, such as using social media and online discussion forums to promote communication and collaboration. Additionally, the video provides practical tips for providing feedback and encouragement to students, celebrating their progress and achievements, and fostering a growth mindset. Overall, the video offers valuable insights and practical strategies for teachers looking to motivate and support students in the language classroom.

Video Information
Category | Online Teaching Pedagogy and Skill Language | English
Level | Subject | English Language

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