CoP Sharing

Online Teaching Sharing Through the online teaching sharing provided by LTTC, I got to know a lot of online resources and teaching tools shared by the experienced teachers who work in the front line. The conceptual frameworks and the practical tips of designing teaching activities, evaluating, and managing the classroom in a virtual model were introduced through sufficient examples in the sharing. Demonstrations about the online platform and tools were also provided in detail. As a pre-teacher who knew little about online platforms, I could only use some basic tools like PowerPoint and Padlet to teach. However, after this sharing, I realize that there are a lot of meaningful resources that can make online teaching effective and efficient. In the future, I won’t stop my step of discovering the various apps and tools which can be beneficial for students and making proper use of the network platforms to teach effectively and interestingly. An Jingwen
Online Teaching Sharing After having this online teaching sharing session, I just realised that teachers need to prepare many things to avoid the changes and accidents during online classes which remind me to prepare myself in an advanced way like using the electronic product in class beforehand and learning more methods to bring students into the activities in class. After the sharing session, I learned more about the advanced process of online classes such as which kind of tools are suitable for junior and senior students with quiz functions. I will try to use the skills mentioned in the sharing session during my block practice. Ho Ching Yu
Online Teaching Sharing In the online teaching sharing session, a general studies teacher shares that a whiteboard is a good idea as a teaching tool. Because it can obtain students’ responses and check their understanding. She indicates that if the teacher shares a topic for the group discussion or the individual task, the whiteboard could let students share their work immediately. It could help the teacher to monitor the process of students’ work. The teacher could provide some suggestions after students’ demonstrate their thoughts. I could use White broad as a teaching tool as this tool could provide students a peer evaluation opportunity to observe others' works which might increase the interest in learning during the class. Yeung Pok Yin
Online Teaching Sharing The sharing from experienced in-service teachers about the common mistakes and practical tips regarding Online Teaching and Field Experience is really useful for me. As a pre-service teacher, I would like to learn the teaching practices from frontline teachers. I think the sharing session experience is relevant to me. Apart from the design of the teaching plans, I learnt the applications of online teaching platforms to engage my students. I hope to apply the knowledge and skill in my future lessons. Lai Wai Chun
Online Teaching Experience Scheme It gave me a chance to put what I have learned in practice. For example, using Quizlet for pre-teaching vocabulary before the lesson. I tried it out with my tutorial student and it worked amazingly well. In-service teacher’s feedback and experience are helpful for me since they are very authentic and not just theory learnt in lectures.  Ho Ka Hei, Clarise
Online Teaching Workshop My understanding of some other useful IT tools has been greatly enhanced and the sharing from experienced teachers about how to use them in actual practice was beneficial for my future teaching. For example, I have learnt to use a new tool called Edmodo which combines different functions (e.g. sharing posts and creating quizzes) in one go to support teaching and learning. I hope to use it in my own teaching and continue to explore other tools to facilitate students’ learning. Tung Man
Online Teaching Experience Scheme I have gained some understanding of how to design the focus of class content. I also know how to attract students' attention and how to present the key points in a way that the students understand through this practice. Chen Quanxi
Online Teaching Workshop I appreciate the speaker, Mr. Kwok, was very committed to demonstrate those platforms, especially how to integrate the related functions in teaching. The sharing has provided me various insights of online teaching and it facilitates me to explore new online teaching pedagogy or approach. I will recommend the workshop to others. Man Wing Wa
Online Teaching Workshop In this workshop, I learnt some platforms that I have never used before, such as Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Office. I think these platforms are useful and can be applied in online class easier. Wong So Mui
Online Teaching Workshop The workshop makes me gain much on how to have an online lesson in future as a pre-service teacher. Maybe it is time for all pre-service teacher to prepare themselves on using online materials as online lesson would be a trend for education! Ho Ching Yu
Online Teaching Experience Scheme From this experience, I learned a very useful teaching technique that can engage every student to the lesson, which is to request them for active input and ask other students to evaluate the work. Compared with just unidirectionally delivering the content to them, this will guide them to think and result in better teaching outcome. Lin Ciyuan
Online Teaching Experience Scheme This is useful because I plan to teach in local primary school in the future. This is a very realistic experience for me to understand how students comprehend things, how can I correct them and carry out practices such as peer assessment and collaborative learning. I also realized that in order to let students to understand what I am saying, I need to pay attention to a lot of details, such as their understanding ability, calculation ability, or whether they are just memorizing the theory instead of truly understanding it. Zeng Yunxi
Online Teaching Workshop Through the workshop, I became more familiar with the use of Nearpod, a comprehensive e-learning software, and how to use this e-learning software to monitor students' learning progress and assess their performance. Li Ka Ngai
Online Teaching Workshop The speaker shared how to use electronic tools in online classrooms to increase student interaction. This provides every student with the opportunity to participate in classroom activities. Chau Pui Yi