A New Generation of e-Resources Integration: A Schoolwide Approach

Ms Fiona Yung

This video discusses the integration of new e-resources into teaching and learning. The speaker explains that e-resources are digital tools that can be used to enhance teaching and learning, providing students with more engaging and interactive learning experiences. The video then goes on to demonstrate several new e-resources that can be used to support teaching and learning, such as augmented reality, virtual reality, and gamification. The speaker also discusses the benefits and challenges of using new e-resources, highlighting the importance of selecting appropriate tools and providing adequate training and support for teachers. Additionally, the video emphasizes the need for teachers to create a positive and supportive learning environment where students feel comfortable exploring and experimenting with new e-resources. Overall, the video provides valuable insights and practical tips for teachers looking to integrate new e-resources into their teaching practice and enhance student learning outcomes.

Video Information
Category | Online Teaching Pedagogy and Skill Language | English
Level | Subject | English Language

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