Online course inspection mechanism

Ms. Lee Yee Mei, Ms. Wong Siew Fun, Ms. Pau Pak Wing, Ms. Siu Man Yee, Ms. Zhan Yajie

In the video, Vice Principal and Subject panel heads of Chinese Language of Ying Wa Primary School share how they led the team during online teaching, and to improve the teaching quality. Subject panel heads of Chinese Language need to formulate policies on how to produce online teaching materials, and select online educational platform and tools to assist students learning during school suspension. The school emphasizes on speech, the teacher uses "My Uncle Mr. Lu Xun" as an example to demonstrate how to cultivate students' sense of language through the teacher's model reading during online classes. The role of the vice principal is an important gatekeeper, reviewing the courseware of each subject, ensuring the quality, and establishing a more complete mechanism of reviewing online teaching materials.

Video Information
Category | Online Teaching Pedagogy and Skill Language | Putonghua
Level | Subject | Chinese Language

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