Tutorials on Classroom Management and Pedagogy: Online PE (Conservative Baptist Lui Ming Choi Primary School)

Miss Chu Hoi Ying, Dr. Chow Chi Ching Gary, Miss Lam Yuen Sum

PE teacher from a primary school – Miss. Chu was invited to talk about her view on online teaching in PE. The speaker elaborates on her experience with teaching PE lessons in real-time practice and self-learning through online tools. For instance, finding alternatives of sports equipment at home, watching teaching videos prepared by teachers, and completing sports exercises through google classroom. To increase students’ motivation, rewards schemes and online competitions with school teachers are organized to encourage students to participate. In terms of safety, the degree of sport technique was adjusted, and parents were invited to exercise together with students. Finally, the speaker talks about her views on online and real-time PE teaching, and also demonstrate one of the alternatives for students that can be used at home for practicing.

Video Information
Category | Online Teaching Pedagogy and Skill Language | Cantonese
Level | Subject | Physical Education

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