Tutorials on Classroom Management and Pedagogy: Online PE (Christian & Missionary Alliance Sun Kei Primary School)

Mr. Ho Yik Kiu Kenneth, Dr. Chow Chi Ching Gary, Miss Lam Yuen Sum

PE teacher from a primary school – Mr. Ho was invited to talk about his view on applying IT in teaching PE. The speaker listed some of the online tools for recording data and preparation of teaching materials for students. By video shooting different PE topics from teachers and recording students’ performance by online equipment, teachers can review students’ progress and ability to adjust their teaching content. Moreover, to increase learning motivation, teachers design interesting PE activities and are involved in video shooting for demonstration, which could enhance students’ interactions and interest to participate in the lesson. Furthermore, in terms of tackling the safety issues of exercising at home, the speaker explained how they collaborate with parents on monitoring and arranging safety environment for students to take PE lessons at home to prevent any danger, such as the area needed for exercise, and alternatives of the sports equipment. In addition, video classwork for students was also applied to provide chances for them to use video-making tools and online platforms to demonstrate their work, as well as to self-learn and provide feedback for their peers.

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Category | Online Teaching Pedagogy and Skill Language | Cantonese
Level | Subject | Physical Education

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