Task-based Learning: Quantity Words

Yuen Wing Shan Coei

This micro-teaching lesson is created on a well-drafted and task-based lesson plan, encompassing the lead-in task, pre-task and main task, for secondary 1 students. Due to time constraints, the micro-teaching focuses solely on the pre-task with the identification of quantity words, which are used to describe the definite amounts of items, as the intended learning outcome. To ensure students' acquisition of the target language, they are first engaged in the VR experience for the teacher's fridge as the means of the introduction of vocabulary, followed by involving them in a Time to Climb gamified activity as the assessment of the learning progress. Through the immersive and game-based learning utilizing Nearpod as the interactive tool, students should be primed to apply quantity words, linking with the existing knowledge, which are quantifiers and pertinent rules for countable and uncountable nouns, in the upcoming collaborative speaking task.

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