Active Learning Drawing Pedagogies Supported by Mobile Applications in Secondary School Science and Mathematics Education

Dr. Fridolin Sze Thou Ting

As we know that “Science and Mathematics is best learned by writing and drawing equations” [Ainsworth, 2011]. 

In this talk, we will demonstrate how to increase active learning and engagement in secondary school Science and Mathematics classes by implementing the following three active drawing pedagogies supported by novel mobile apps in any face-to-face, hybrid and purely online environments: (1) collaborative problem-based learning with peer assessment (Co-PBLa-Pa – see ) supported by interactive online whiteboards (IOWBs); (2) gamified cooperative problem-based learning supported by web-based platform Badaboom! (see and enhanced “question and answer” pedagogy supported by web-based platform YoTeach! (see 

These 3 active drawing pedagogies and supporting apps have already been used for two years by over 45 teachers and 9 schools in a QEF project entitled "Developing active learning pedagogies and mobile applications in secondary school mathematics education" (QEF 2018/1435).   We will demonstrate how these teaching methods and supporting apps can also be used in Biology, Chemistry and Physics classes. 

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