Subtracting Numbers with Borrowing Twice

Liang Hong Connie

This video explains an iPad App, “NUMBER PIECES”, that provides hands-on ways to create Base Ten Blocks while performing operations with multi-digit numbers. Students can learn place value, number concepts, operations, counting, and much more. In the video, the teacher uses the illustrative example of subtracting two three-digit numbers with borrowing twice. Base Ten Blocks help students physically and visually represent what they are learning to develop a deeper understanding of each concept. Students can see the logical development of each operation while solving problems. The App is simple and versatile and best utilized with teacher-based instructions. Students are likely to be engaged with the App since both elements and operations are basic. Use the App as a starting point and follow up with games and activities to support our students’ interactive learning.

Video Information
Category | Online teaching Language | Cantonese
Level | Subject | Mathematics

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